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Rules of the Forum Empty Rules of the Forum

Post by Archer-Mania on Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:41 pm

The rules of this forum are as follows:
1)Each person may have only one (1) account*, exceptions are only given out by the admins.
2)The admins of twilight-forums have the right to warn, cease PM's, & ban members for breaking these rules at any given time.
3)Posting of ANY pornographic material shall be deleted, and the account in question will be reviewed by all admins & mods, & an appropriate penalty shall be applied.
4)Posting of ANY child porn (pornographic content of those AGE<18) will be deleted, and the account in question will be reviewed by all admins and mods, & an appropriate penalty shall be applied.
5)Regarding the above, ecchi and provocative images are allowed ONLY in the ecchi topic. Ecchi is no more than mild nudity and is also not to be confused with actual models, they are only drawn images. We automatically assume that all in these pictures are 18 years of age. Any intercourse pictures will be deleted, and you will be warned.
6)No impersonating the admins/mods/any member of this site but yourself.
7)No abusing of the report button.
8)No cyber-bullying. (Cyber-bullying includes verbally assaulting another member.)
9)Any complaints about a mod go to an admin. Any complaints about an admin go to the another admin. Any complaints about both admins, send both a PM requesting a private chat session.
10)No disrespecting anyone's privacy and/or identity. AKA: no pestering anyone about who they are/where they live. If they wanna give the info, they'll tell you. Victims should contact report the offender, and give a small explanation of what happened.
11)No hacking or attempt of hacking, reverse-engineering, decompiling, or anything relating to those against site and/or any members accounts.
12)No sharing accounts.
13)If you want to change your username, please go to the Changing your username topic.
14)Please do not ask to be a Moderator. See How to become an Admin or Mod topic.
15)Please do not ask to be an Administrator. See How to become an Admin or Mod topic.
16)No posting only pictures, emotes, any anything of the sort in a single post. All posts MUST be accompanied by some for of English text.
17)This is an English language board. If you wish to speak a different language, please see Creating a non-English Topic.
18)When creating new topics, please be sure to name them appropriately. Any inappropriately named topics will be deleted immediately, no questions asked, and the creator will be punished accordingly.

*We reserve the right to add or remove any rules at any time* Exclamation
If you have any questions, please send them to one of the admins.

Punishments will be as follows:
Minor Offenses
1st) Warning
2nd) PM disabled for 2days
3rd) 2day temp ban
4th) 1week temp ban
5th) 2week temp ban
6th+) continued 2week temp ban
*Rule #1 is categorized under 'Minor Offenses', however, after you receive your warning, the newest account you created shall be deleted. If a second account is created again, both accounts will be deleted, and you will receive a one (1) month IP ban.
Medium Offenses
1st) Warning
2nd) 2day temp ban
3rd) review of account in question by admins & mods
Intolerable Offenses
1st) 1week temp ban
2nd) 1month temp ban
3rd) IP ban
Capital Offenses
1st) Immediate contact of authorities. Review of account in question by admins & mods. Temp ban for as long as we see fit.
2nd) Immediate contact of authorities. Permanent IP ban.
Scene: Person at computer hears knocking at door; person goes to door & opens it.
Person: "OMG! WTF?!?"
Authorities: "Your under arrest!"
What did the neighbors see? This:
___|/0\\___//o\|_(ww) __Tree =D
ΩThis is the END!Ω

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